Moroccan Sofa-bed: Pics & Details

Pampered Popcorn reveling in the plush pillows

Below are the details of my Moroccan sofa-bed corner I posted about yesterday. It is still a work in  progress (that blanket is only temporary) but I am loving how it looks so far. Pure bliss!
  1. Sofa-bed : Ikea – 240kd
  2. Wide purple cushion : Indian Heritage – 15kd
  3. Center cushion : I love Suzani – 22kd (on sale)
  4. Large square cushions (antique fabric) : Made by me
  5. Bolster cushions: Made by me
  6. Medium rectangle cushions (antique fabric) : Made by me
  7. Small square cushions (antique fabric) : Heritage – 7.5kd each
  8. Mirror : Heritage – 48kd
  9. Tables : True Value – Approx 80kd for both
  10. Canopy : Made by me

Total cost (not including hand made items) = 420KD  (That’s approx $1500 for my international readers)

If you would like help redecorating your room, just drop me an email ( or twitter message (@N_O_22) and I will get back to you asap.


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Trendy Nail Designs

Ombre Design

Notebook Design

Stardust Design

All the above designs are my creation and application. The ombre was tough to do due to the layering and the stardust was the simplest. Let me know if you need help recreating any of these looks, or if you would like polish codes.  Happy painting!

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Friday Market Pics & Haul


~ Stay tuned for after shots of the haul.

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Henna Design

Inspired by Tidbit du jour’s finger henna post.

What do you think??

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Must Have iPhone Apps

From time to time I come across an iphone or ipad app and think to myself, ‘How on earth haven’t I seen this before?’

The below apps were all created by the same company and are absolute must haves! They are apps to help you ‘find’ apps. Their recommendations are spot on and the user interface is so clear and simple they are a joy to use.




Want more? Check out their website here.

Got any app tips for me??


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Before & After : Ikea Sofa-bed

For details of this 420KD (1500$) including sofa-bed look click here.

If you would like to read about my inspiration for this look, check my post here or follow my Moroccan category timeline here to read about how it all started and how to make your own wallpaperEnjoy!

~ If you would like help redecorating your room, just drop me an email ( or twitter message (@N_O_22) and I will get back to you asap. 

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