DIY-Pretty Basket

One of the most helpful organizational tools in the home is the basket and/or box. But not just any basket or box, you want something that is functional, yet still fabulous. Something that can hold and hide away all your knick knacks, yet still match your room decor and enhance it.

For example, after looking for the perfect basket to hold some bathroom soaps, I decided to re-decorate a plain one I had bought at DAISO (they have a huge selection at their Farwaniya branch)

Have a look:

Plain basket before spray paint

Plain basket after spray paint

Glue gun, ribbon, lace ribbon

The finished result with natural inside (can be lined with fabric, using glue gun)

Perfect match!

Hope you have enjoyed today’s easy peasy tutorial. More pretty organizational tips coming soon…



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  1. the boudoir. says:

    cute! i love DIYs..thanks for sharing that

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