DIY – Butterflies on the wall

A while back I decided I needed some wall decoration but wanted something unique. I decided to go with butterflies, which I made from gift wrapping paper. Recently I noticed that Serena’s bedroom on Gossip Girl had the same kind of idea and looks just breathtaking! Here’s the tutorial:


You will need:

  • Gift wrapping paper of your choice (preferably to match your room)
  • Scissors
  • A printout of a butterfly silhouette graphic
  • Glue
  • A piece of cardboard
  • Contact paper (what we call jillad)
  • Double sided tape or Velcro dots


Step 1 : Cut out the butterfly shape from the print out and glue it to the cardboard, then cut around it. (or you can just buy a butterfly shape cookie cutter)

Cut out & wrapping paper

Step 2 : Use the cutout to draw butterfly shapes on the back of the wrapping paper.

Draw the butterflies

Step 3 : Take the wrapping paper (you may need to cut it into A4 page size) to the printers and have them laminate it OR you can use contact paper (which is what I did but the results aren’t as good)

Step 4 : Cut out the butterfly shapes & fold them in half to create the 3D effect.

Step 5 : Use the tape/Velcro dots to stick them to your wall in the arrangement you prefer.


Here you can see an idea of how they look, however this is not the final version as I ended up removing them a while back to place on a different wall & add to them.

In process....

Just fabulous!


Hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial.



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