DIY : Door draft

Door gaps, the little space between your door and the floor can be an annoying problem. They let in light when you are trying to sleep and sometimes drafts.
I find myself in the same predicament, looking for an easy, yet pretty way to fix this. Here is what I came up with :

Step 1: Take a long cardboard pipe (kind of like a long version of the inside of a paper roll) and cut it to measure the width of your door.

Note: I am not sure where they sell them as I got mine inside a carpet I bought. But if you have difficulty finding one, then a light plastic pipe should also work.

Cardboard pipe

Step 2: Paint the pipe to match your door color. Ace and True Value have an excellent selection. ( I used some left over wall paint )

Step 3: Once it is dry, use double-sided tape to stick the pipe to the bottom of your door.

After: Door with draft

That’s it! A fast simple way to cover your door gap and have it blend right in.

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