Moroccan Decor : Step 1 – Room Layout and Paint

So after getting a general idea of what I wanted from my inspiration here. The first thing I did was draw an exact replica of the room on graph paper including all measurements. This step is the best thing you can do when redecorating any space.

It soon became clear that the best arrangement of furniture would end up with the TV/TV cabinet, in front of a built in cabinet in the wall. I didn’t have a problem with that as I didn’t use that cabinet much, but it wasn’t aesthetically pleasing. I decided to go for that layout however, and figure out a solution later.

Here you can see my predicament in the photo below during my new layout 2 week test run.

Before : Tv in front of cabinet problem

Since the wall cabinet was white, I decided to paint that whole wall white to help it blend in and not stick out. For the other 3 walls I went for a dark, pumpkin orange, from my favorite paint supplier Ace Hardware store. I was petrified of such a dark color swallowing up my small space, but it turned out absolutely gorgeous and very Moroccan.

Ace color swatches - (Photo from coolhardware)

The white wall and cabinet however, ended up looking very bland. So I went back to the drawing board. My options were to:

a) Extend the curtain and hide it – that would look very ugly

b) Buy a bigger TV cabinet to cover the wall cabinet – that would take up space and make it too difficult to access the wall cabinet should I need it

c) Camouflage it – great idea, just the question is how.

To be continued…..

Stay tuned for the solution and AFTER picture! Trust me you don’t want to miss this 🙂

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