DIY : Wallpaper Look

So remember in my previous post,  I decided to camouflage the cabinet? Well I decided to go with some kind of bold pattern. This way the lines of the cabinet will be lost within the lines of the pattern.

Next I had to decided how to implement the pattern. I had 3 options:

a) To paint it – problem here is I didn’t want to paint the cabinet because it would be hard to repaint, should I redecorate.

b) Use the fabric wallpaper technique I posted about here – 2 problems there, difficulty finding the correct print and fabric in Kuwait and difficulty perfecting the cabinet edges.

c) I needed another option, and after a lot of brainstorming I thought of contact paper(the stuff used to cover school books to keep them protected).

C seemed like the best option so I made a quick visit to my local supermarket stationary store where I found the perfect contact paper. I couldn’t believe my luck! It was velvety too! (No cheap looking sheen) I bought 7 rolls for 990 fils each.

Now to find the perfect pattern. So I hit Google and searched for ‘Moroccan pattern’ and finally came across this print.

So now I had 7 rolls of contact paper, a white wall and a pattern. This is where the fun starts!

You will need:

  • 1 Long ruler
  • 1 Level (to keep your design straight when you add it to the wall)
  • 1 Box Cutter ( this is to make things easier but not necessary)
  • 1 Pen
  • 1 Piece of chalk
  • 1 Short ruler
  • Blue tack

Step 1: Crop the shapes of your pattern out using photoshop (or any other software) and create an outline. Resize them to the size you want them on your wall. Then print. Here you can see my pattern shape outlines.

Step 2: Glue the printed outlines onto thick card paper and cut out. You will be left with your stencils.

Glue & cut out the stencils

Step 3: Mark a T at the top of your stencil and a B at the bottom. This is to ensure that the pattern lines up. (If you look closely you will notice the pattern shapes are not exactly symmetrical)

Step 4: Open your first roll of contact paper and start to draw around your stencils. They interlock to a certain extent so make sure to not waste much space and always, always mark where the Top and Bottom are.

Mark T & B

Step 5: Next you need to cut the shapes out. Once you finish stenciling your first roll, cut out the shapes roughly using the box cutter. You should end up with 2 piles next you. One of each shape.

Grab 1 pile and start cutting out the straight lines and corners with the box cutter leaving the curves. Do this for both piles.

Lastly go back through both piles with a pair of scissors and cut out the curves.

(Of course you do not need to follow this technique, but I found that this way was the fastest and you could have 1 roll completed in 2 hours) You will end up with 2 piles similar to this…

Step 6: Now test out how it will look. Take a few of your cut of pieces and use some blue tack to stick them to your wall starting from the middle. Make sure all the T’s are on the top and the B’s are on the bottom (trust me this is very important). Move them around to see what spacing and placement works best with your wall. Then estimate how many more pieces you will need. ( I needed around 400 pieces)

Blue Tack test

Step 7: Continue stenciling and cutting your remaining rolls. Save the extra sides as you will need them for the pieces around the wall and window edges. (This may take a few days to complete)

Step 8: Now we will start to stick the pieces onto the wall. First make sure to clean your wall and any edges very well, otherwise the pieces will not stick properly.

Next start from the middle of the pieces you had tacked on earlier. Slowly stick your first large piece on making sure it is straight. You can use the level to be sure.

Take the long ruler, chalk and level and draw lines from the top, bottom and sides of your first stuck piece. Use the level to make sure your lines are straight. This step will save you a lot of time while sticking the pieces on.

Step 9: Use the lines you drew to stick on 4 more large pieces, 1 on either side of your first piece, and one above and one below. Continue in this fashion for each piece, until you find that 4 pieces have created a diamond shape. This is where the smaller piece goes.

Step 10: To stick the smaller pieces, just make sure the pointed parts of it are centered between all 4 larger pieces. You do not need to draw lines for the smaller pieces, as you can have the larger pieces be your guide.

In progress

Step 11: If you have a cabinet, dont let that scare you, stick the pieces as you normally would. If they start to look different, either cut extra smaller pieces to stick on where needed to keep the shape uniform. Or dont stick the piece down completely. Let it just sit slightly so it doesn’t hug the edges.

Now where the cabinet opens and closes, use the thin box cutter, as shown in the first photo, and slowly slice the piece. This way it will look uncut when the cabinet is closed, yet still open normally.

In progress

Step 12: Continue until you have finished most of your wall except the edges of the wall, windows and any other elements such as the AC unit. Take it edge by edge and measure with your stencil how much you need. Mark it on your stencil.

Next take some of the left over contact paper and use the marked stencil to draw the smaller pieces needed. Then cut and stick them on. Do the same for all edges.

Note: For some corners, such as the window or ac corner, it may be easier to stick a full piece on, and use the thin box cutter to cut around the corner.

Step 13: Stand back and admire your moroccan wall and your now hidden cabinet 🙂


Total cost: 7KD

Thats it! Very simple and totally removable should you change your mind, or are renting and aren’t allowed to paint. Feel free to ask any questions and please do let me know if you try this out, I will be happy to email you my stencils pdf file 🙂

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  1. Tooomz says:

    Wow, I am amazed. I would have totally gotten it slanted or messed it up somehow. Love the effect you achieved.

  2. LadyB says:

    Omg, I loved itttt mashallah 3alaij it’s really amazing ❤

  3. A7madany says:

    Mashala that is just so amazing…ur talented mashala..u should do it as v-logging next time it will make it even more exciting…almost like one of those shows in the Home Center TV channels or something if u know what I mean

  4. NO.22 says:

    Thank you A7madany, that is flattering. Inshallah in the future I hope I will be able to start vlogging some of my projects, right now as you can tell from my photos quality, I am not the best at handling a camera. Bes inshallah inshallah I will figure it out one day 🙂

  5. u so make me wanna re-decorate my room!!
    loved the clean finsish.. very talanted mashallah

  6. newbride says:

    Mashalah mashalah mashalah u r talented !! mashalah 🙂 loved it

  7. r.alsharif says:

    Mashallah I loved it! 😀

  8. Nunu-San says:

    This is just GORGEOUS!!!

  9. the boudoir. says:

    WOW mashallaaaah!! ur really talented! this needs patience..heart!

  10. NO.22 says:

    Thank you so much for your compliments 🙂

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