Moroccan Sofa-bed Transformation

Continuing the next step to my Moroccan transformation, included finding the perfect sofa bed style couch, with lots of colorful, rich cushions. You already saw the theme I was going for here, but to recreate the look with comfort in mind was a whole other story.

This is the look I was aiming for:

The look calls for a daybed, however, I also wanted something that you can sit up in and carry more people if needed. After some research and a lot of shopping around Kuwait for options, I finally settled on this magical, convertible couch from IKEA….

What is so amazing about this couch is how easily it converts from sofabed, to L-shape within 2 seconds! The color was also a major selling point, due to it being such a blank canvas, making colorful cushions pop.  The extra storage was a sweet bonus.

Check it out in action…

Of course it looks nothing like the picture above, but it was nothing a few new cushions and a canopy wouldn’t fix. Here it is after the transformation…

What do you think??

Stay tuned for the canopy and cushion tutorials( including the bolster cushions.)

If you would like help redecorating your room, just drop me an email ( or twitter message (@N_O_22) and I will get back to you asap.

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  1. I like that sofa bed 🙂

  2. Natalia says:

    the lanterns and a rug!

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