Moroccan Sofa-bed: Pics & Details

Pampered Popcorn reveling in the plush pillows

Below are the details of my Moroccan sofa-bed corner I posted about yesterday. It is still a work in  progress (that blanket is only temporary) but I am loving how it looks so far. Pure bliss!
  1. Sofa-bed : Ikea – 240kd
  2. Wide purple cushion : Indian Heritage – 15kd
  3. Center cushion : I love Suzani – 22kd (on sale)
  4. Large square cushions (antique fabric) : Made by me
  5. Bolster cushions: Made by me
  6. Medium rectangle cushions (antique fabric) : Made by me
  7. Small square cushions (antique fabric) : Heritage – 7.5kd each
  8. Mirror : Heritage – 48kd
  9. Tables : True Value – Approx 80kd for both
  10. Canopy : Made by me

Total cost (not including hand made items) = 420KD  (That’s approx $1500 for my international readers)

If you would like help redecorating your room, just drop me an email ( or twitter message (@N_O_22) and I will get back to you asap.


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6 Responses to Moroccan Sofa-bed: Pics & Details

  1. Mashallah Wayd 7elwa al dar emrtba 😉
    7elo b3d et76en 3ala w7da men al a6wf stickers maktob 3leha “آيه قرآنيه” or somthing like that
    ams or gbl ams shft eb a7d al blogs 3nd wa7d yswehom q8y bs madri shesma ;\

    • NO.22 says:

      Thank you very much. Inshallah I will be doing just that, but due to one wall already covered in sticker like DIY wallpaper (see post here) I will need a different material for the ‘ayah’
      Inshallah I will post picture when it is done 🙂

  2. Jacqui says:

    Looks gorgeous mashalla, very inspirational and a great idea for a guest bedroom/office if one wants to create one 😀

    • NO.22 says:

      Thank you:) there is an office and treadmill in the other side of the room. Inshallah you will see that side soon. Does Popcorn count as a guest?

  3. swera says:

    raw3aaaaa mashallah! me love it 🙂 will try & get some stuff & put it in my apartment 😀

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