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DIY : Wallpaper Look

So remember in my previous post,  I decided to camouflage the cabinet? Well I decided to go with some kind of bold pattern. This way the lines of the cabinet will be lost within the lines of the pattern. Next I … Continue reading

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DIY : Door draft

Door gaps, the little space between your door and the floor can be an annoying problem. They let in light when you are trying to sleep and sometimes drafts. I find myself in the same predicament, looking for an easy, … Continue reading

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DIY Fabric Wallpaper

Do it yourself fabric wallpaper, sounds difficult but is so simple and fun that even kids can do it! Of course this technique can also be used to decorate a myriad of things, such as, tables, boxes, doors, fridges etc … Continue reading

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Leopard Nails

Like minx but easier….meet deco-patch paper, your easy way of decorating anything. Just cut small strips and apply directly on half dry base coat, then cut the excess around the edges. Top off with a top coat & make sure … Continue reading

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How to stay warm this winter

A while ago I bought a neck heating pad which has been very helpful in keeping me warm this winter. However, I wanted something smaller for my hands and feet. I figured out an easy way to make my own, … Continue reading

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